How It Works

The Physiotoolkit devices work by applying pressure to both muscle/connective tissue and more specifically to your spinal joints in the case of the extender and mobiliser.

This pressure in turn pushes into the tight muscle tissue (trigger point) causing the blood vessels to dilate thereby sending more blood to the area.

This increased blood flow helps the tight muscle tissue to relax and therefore decrease your pain.

The extender and mobiliser can both be used on your spinal joints, the pressure imparted by the devices helps stetch out the tight restricted joints in the same manner that your physio would by directly pushing on the joints.

The pressure applied to your muscles and joints can be directly modified by adjusting your weight either on/off the device.

Diagram The research has proven that this mobilisation will help remove or reduce tension, thereby minimizing discomfort, stress and pain.

Restoration of your spinal mobility, often results in a reduction in a patient’s muscle spasm and allows restoration of the body’s natural energy flow.

It may also correct spinal alignment and give relief from musculoskeletal tension and/or pain.

Improved spinal mobility is also thought to have a positive physiological effect on the nervous system and provide pain relief via this means.