The Extender


The Extender is a self-treatment tool that helps to correct posture, release tight muscles and loosen stiff joints.

This is how Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Massage Therapists decrease your pain and improve your health.

The two projections pointing out from the Extender are designed to push into the muscles surrounding your spinal joints and the joints themselves. By pushing into the spinal joints the Extender extends and stretches them. The intensity of the stretch can be decreased by placing the Extender on a mat, towel or bed.

You can also increased the intensity of your session with the addition of a Riser, which attaches onto the base of the Extender.


Using the Mobiliser once a day or every other day for a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes is recommended.

  • Position the Extender on a towel or on a mat and slowly lower your back down on top of the Extender starting at the base of the ribcage.
  • Make sure your spine feels centered on the Extender.
  • Check the position of your neck. It may be necessary to use a pillow to keep the neck in a neutral position.
  • Relax the weight of your body into the Extender.
  • Most likely, you will experience some discomfort initially. If you find that you are tensing up against the Extender, try another spot.
  • Some points will be much more intense than others. This is due to the amount of muscle tension or joint stiffness.
  • Use your breath to help you relax. Send your breath to the area that you feel discomfort and envision the tension releasing and fading away.
  • Hold this first position for up to 2 minutes, dependent on the level of intensity you are experiencing.
  • Then begin to move the Extender up the spine towards the neck. The idea is to try and loosen each of the joints in the spine, so move it just a few centimetres at a time, holding at each level for up to 2 minutes.
  • Continue to move the Extender up until you reach the top of the shoulders, but do not come onto the neck.

Remember to only stay on each spot for 1 to 2 minutes at the most.

With points that are very tight, just stay with that spot only as long as it is tolerable… this may be as little as 10 seconds to begin with.


When you first come onto the Extender, chances are that it will feel quite intense. It may feel more like a brick, than a self-treatment tool.

This is normal and is due to the tightness of the muscles and stiffness of the joints…the tighter the muscle (stiffer the joint), the greater the soreness.

Over time, the Extender becomes much less intense as your spine becomes more flexible…flexibility in your spinal joints is vital for eliminating and preventing back pain.

When you are using the Extender, it is essential that you relax the weight of your body into the device. By tensing up against the Extender you can cause an increase in muscle spasm and worsen your symptoms.

If you find you cannot relax, place the Extender on a towel or a bed to decrease the intensity. The appropriate level of intensity can be described as uncomfortably comfortable.

Believe it or not, you will begin to enjoy this feeling because of the benefits it brings. Generally, within the first few moments of lying on the Extender, the muscles and joints will begin to relax and release and the intensity will significantly decrease. This will normally take 1-2 minutes. If it does not, don’t panic… It simply means that the level of the spine you are working on is very tight and restricted.

With points that are very tight, just stay with that spot only as long as you can relax into it. This will improve with prolonged use of the Extender.

It may take a few weeks of use to really undo this deep-seated tightness.


You will know it is time to move the Extender to the next level when:

  • The point you are working on feels relaxed and you are no longer feeling any discomfort
  • The point you are working on has become too intense to relax into