The Massager


The Massager is the simplest and most subtle self-treatment tool from Physio ToolKit.

The Massager helps to safely release trigger points and muscle spasms thereby increasing circulation to the area. Increased circulation brings much needed oxygen and nutrients to the muscle and flushes away toxins, which promotes healing.

Tight muscles and trigger points have been found to be the primary cause of pain when people are in discomfort. Research has shown that when treating pain, massage is one of the safest and most effective forms of therapy. The Massager is a self-treatment tool that allows to do just that.


A trigger point can be thought of as a knot in a muscle that has been overworked or strained. These knots or muscle spasms are a very common source of pain.

Trigger points have been found to be the primary cause of pain in 75% of cases and are usually an element of every pain problem or injury.

Research has shown that when dealing with trigger points, massage is one of the safest and most effective forms of therapy.

Although trigger points are not thought to be sinister, they can be debilitating and greatly affect your quality of life.


  • The Massager is to be used on muscles and connective tissue, but is not ideal for treating the spine itself.
  • Use the Massager to do just that, give yourself a more general massage.
  • Please referred to the Self-Treatment Chart and corresponding photos to find your most effective options.
  • You can use the Massager lying on your back, side, seated or in a standing position against a wall.
  • Place the Massager on an area that feels tight, then simply begin rolling the Massager around until you find a spot that is tense and painful. Continue rolling or moving around on the Massager until the tension fades.
  • Gentle movements, such as a rocking motion, will encourage muscle tension to decrease and help you to relax.

The Massager is ideal for releasing tight muscles and for addressing trigger points virtually anywhere in the body.

When you first start self-treatment with the Massager, chances are that it will feel quite intense… it will literally feel like someone is digging their thumb into you.

When you are using the Massager, it is essential that you relax the weight of your body into the device. By tensing up against the Massager you can cause an increase in muscle spasm and worsen your symptoms.

If you find you cannot relax, place the Massager on a towel or a mat to decrease the intensity OR use it against a wall while standing. The appropriate level of intensity can be described as uncomfortably comfortable.

Once you have started to work on a tight spot, generally within the first few moments, the tension will begin to relax and release, and the intensity will significantly decrease. This will normally take approximately 1-2 minutes. If it does not, don’t panic. It simply means that the point you are working on is very tight. With points that are very tight, just stay with that spot only as long as it is tolerable.


You will know it is time to move the Massager to a new point when:

  • The point you are working on feels relaxed and you are no longer feeling any discomfort; or
  • The point you are working on has become too intense to relax into