The Mobiliser


The Mobiliser is the creative result of a combined 25 years of working with patients in pain and discomfort. It is a self-treatment tool that allows you to regain mobility in your spinal joints and release trigger points and muscle spasm.

The Mobiliser has been specifically designed based on the shape and size of the spinal joints and muscles, to allow you to take control of your pain.

Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Osteopaths use their hands to identify and treat tight muscles, trigger points and stiff joints.

The Mobiliser was designed with thumblike projections to replicate the sensations during a Physiotherapy treatment, to enable you to self-treat your symptoms.


The Mobiliser is ideal for releasing tight muscles and for addressing trigger points virtually anywhere in the body.

The Mobiliser can also be used to release connective tissue and stretch spinal joints.

The Mobiliser is so effective and easy to use, you’ll want to take it with you everywhere you go.


  • Position the Mobiliser on a towel or on a mat and slowly lower yourself down on top of the Mobiliser.
  • Check the position of your neck. It may be necessary to use a pillow to keep the neck in a good position.
  • Move around until you find or hit the spot that is tight and painful. Ideally, try and find the spot that reproduces your pain. You will know when you find it.
  • Once you find a sore spot, try and relax the weight of your body into the Mobiliser. Some points will be much more intense than others. This is due to the amount of muscle tension or joint stiffness.
  • If you find you can’t relax, move the Mobiliser to another spot.
  • If you wish to go deeper into the muscle or joint, use your Riser attachment to increase the intensity.
  • Gentle movements, such as a rocking motion, will encourage muscle tension to decrease and help you to relax into the Mobiliser.
  • Also, use your breath to help you relax. Send your breath to the area that you feel discomfort and envision the tension releasing and fading away.
  • Keep working each spot until you feel a decrease in tension and pain (approximately 30 seconds to 2 minutes), then move the Mobiliser to the next tight spot.
  • If you find lying on the Mobiliser is too intense, another effective option is to use the Mobiliser against a wall or hold it with your hand.

The Mobiliser is ideal for releasing tight muscles and for addressing trigger points virtually anywhere in the body.

When you first start self-treatment with the Mobiliser, chances are that it will feel quite intense… it will literally feel like someone is digging their thumb into you.

When you are using the Mobiliser, it is essential that you relax the weight of your body into the device. By tensing up against the Mobiliser you can cause an increase in muscle spasm and worsen your symptoms.

If you find you cannot relax, place the Mobiliser on a towel or a mat to decrease the intensity OR use it against a wall while standing. The appropriate level of intensity can be described as uncomfortably comfortable.

Once you have started to work on a tight spot, generally within the first few moments, the tension will begin to relax and release, and the intensity will significantly decrease. This will normally take approximately 1-2 minutes. If it does not, don’t panic, it simply means that the point you are working on is very tight.

With points that are very tight, just stay with that spot only as long as it is tolerable.


You will know it is time to move the Mobiliser to a new point when:

  • The point you are working on feels relaxed and you are no longer feeling any discomfort; or
  • The point you are working on has become too intense to relax into